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Truly Transformational.

Nutritional counseling, motivational coaching and better meal planning to improve your health.

Get ready to Transform.

Have you put off seeing your doctor, knowing they're just going to tell you the same things about your general health issues and habits?


Do you wish that your health was better and feel overwhelmed with where to start?


Do you sense that eating better could play a major role, but have been through the rollercoaster of diet plans with little-to-no success?


Do you feel exhausted by all of this?



You’ve finally made it to the right place.




  • Customized and supportive one-to-one biweekly virtual nutrition sessions

  • Explore personalized strategies for weight management and mindful eating strategies

  • Learn how to manage high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes with evidence-based nutrition therapy



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  • Strengthen your mindset and your personal motivation to change your eating routine and habits

  • Set realistic and measurable step-wise goals to transform your health

  • Find accountability in your coach-client team

  • Increase your personal awareness and sense of value

Healthy Cooking

& Meal Planning

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  • Explore personalized meal planning and food preparation strategies with your preferences in mind

  • Get access to a personal online meal planner with hundreds of healthy recipes

  • Attend live cooking demos on the Honest Wellness & Weight Loss Facebook page for healthy cooking inspiration


About Ashley

Honest Wellness is led by registered dietitian Ashley Lee, certified health coach, wife and mom.


Ashley is passionate about helping people feel confident about their nutritional choices, improve their motivation and finally see results as they seek to live healthy.

What our clients are saying...

"Ashley has taken the time to get to know me as an individual and what my focuses are in obtaining a healthier lifestyle. It just shows how much she really cares about her clients and that she is really a partner with them on their road to success."

— Julia M

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Honest Coverage

We routinely partner in-network with many local health insurance plans, making it easy to make the most of your insurance benefits for nutritional counseling.


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