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Nutritional Counseling & Coaching Packages

We've designed a variety of customizable options to help you improve your nutrition and eating habits based on your personal needs and goals. 

For local clients, your insurance coverage will often pay for a number of nutritional counseling sessions. Otherwise, out-of-pocket rates are listed below.

Package Features

Begin with a free introductory call

All of our packages include:

A 75-minute Initial Assessment Session

An in-depth discussion about your food preferences, your relationship with food, medical history/nutrition therapy needs, goals for your health and wellness, and a personalized plan to help you get started on your new health journey!


50-minute Follow up Sessions

Find accountability in regular follow up sessions where we discuss what has worked (or has not worked) for you, and ways to tweak your eating plan to help you stay on track. Build your confidence knowing nutrition information that is relevant to you. Discuss your personal motivation and goals as you work on developing new, healthy habits.


Unlimited email support

You’ll have unlimited email access to ask any nutrition questions or give updates to your dietitian between sessions.


Nutrition Resources and Recipes

You will be emailed any resources and recipes that you find helpful that we utilize during the nutritional counseling sessions!



Select an out-of-pocket package for your next step to get started.

  • Single Session

  • 3-Session Package

  • 6-Session Package


Get in touch.

Not sure which package is right for you?

It all starts with a no-risk introductory call. 

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