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The Honest Difference

The field of nutritional counseling and wellness coaching is vast. You have many options to pursue the best fit for you. As you evaluate your next steps, here are some things that we’ve found often help us click with our clients:


Motivational Assistance

Motivation is such a mysterious thing, and yet, it’s the core starting point in any life-change.


Let’s explore your personal, internal motivation to change your eating behaviors and discover how we can help build and grow your motivation for your most optimal long-term success.

A Relaxed Approach

Good nutrition should be a joy, not a burden. We help you escape from rigid diets to eat more freely, gracefully and mindfully.


You’ll learn how to find satisfaction in the foods that you eat, and watch them make a real, transformative difference in your overall health, mood and outlook.

Transparency & Values

To us, honesty means bringing our whole selves to the table. Because your health is about more than just what you eat and how much you move.


As creations who are “fearfully and wonderfully made,” we see each individual’s amazing God-given dignity and potential.


We use that as our foundational basis for our work and approach our guidance from that perspective.

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The greatest result? Freedom.


Eating with freedom and greater mindfulness creates a peace and joy that’s been elusive for far too long.


With careful attention and intentionality to your personal plan, many prevailing nutritionally- based health issues are often greatly reduced ... or even disappear.


And while weight loss is never guaranteed, it is very often an additional benefit that most clients enjoy as a result.


Regardless of specific outcomes, there is always a great weight lifted in knowing that you are taking the best care of yourself through improved motivation and mindful eating.

Get Started.

Contact Ashley with questions, or schedule a free introductory appointment now.

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