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Your Honest Wellness

Image by Shashi Chaturvedula

What We Do

Honest Wellness & Weight Loss was developed and designed especially with you in mind. 

We guide you to improved health through nutritional counseling, motivational coaching, mindful eating and better meal planning and food prep skills.

We've spent years listening and interacting with people just like you who desire better health and have struggled to find success. 

Our programs and process help address some of the biggest hurdles you've faced so you can achieve success early and throughout your journey. 

Who We Serve

We love guiding people to their optimum health no matter who they are, so it’s hard to not simply say “everyone!”


But we do have areas of specialty and instances where we’ve seen success, which helps us determine a best-case fit with clients.


Our typical clients:

  • Have struggled with their health — and want to find a better way.

  • Are tired of rigid diet plans

  • Are ready and motivated to make changes (but may experience a rollercoaster of motivation)

  • Often have some nutrition-based conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol

  • Are often busy, working parents who are looking for practical ways to simplify healthy eating for their families

  • And are often faith-based, or align well with ideas of human dignity and value.

Image by Lenin Estrada

Get Started.

Contact Ashley with questions, or schedule a free introductory appointment now.

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