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What our clients are saying...

"Ashley has been the kickstarter to achieving my goals of living a healthier & more educated lifestyle.  Since our first meeting I felt comfortable discussing all of my questions, concerns, and vulnerabilities.  Ashley has helped me to understand how what I put in my body processes & works together. 


She has helped me to understand the science behind food combinations and why my body feels certain ways after I eat certain things.  Ashley has taken the time to get to know me as an individual and what my focuses are in obtaining a healthier lifestyle.


When she finds topics that fit in with what I am looking to obtain, she always shares them with me.  It just shows how much she really cares about her clients and that she is really a partner with them on their road to success. 


I continue to refer friends & family to Ashley because I have personally experienced the positive results of her caring, educated, & thoughtful work."

— Julia M

"As always, Ashley does a great job. She knows me and what my issues are so each discussion is geared to what I need to do. She brings new ideas that she has heard and read and you know that she doesn't just think about you during the session. Ashley sees something and says to herself, "gotta save this for when I meet with Dave"."
— Dave H



"Ashley is the best! She helps me make positive steps towards a better healthy balance and relationship with food."
— Malgorzata Z



"I have been meeting with Ashley for a while now. Ashley continues to work tirelessly to help me understand my eating habits and food choices. She is very knowledgeable and really truly guides me to be healthy and the best that I can be. Thank you, Ashley."
— Carol P-R



"Since the first meeting with Ashley, I've felt comfortable with sharing some of my  innermost  struggles with food and weight.  Never has she made me feel uncomfortable or as if I wasn't trying hard enough to make lifestyle changes. That her focus is not just food, makes all the difference in how I am now more willing to change. Thanks, Ashley!"
— Mattie J



"It's like she knows what I'm thinking and what I need before I get there. She always has new up-to-date ideas. I love that! Keep up the great job Ashley."
— Valencia D



"I love my meetings with Ashley. She is knowledgeable, and never judgemental. She is also very transparent. She genuinely cares about her patients."
— Caron F

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